Personal data protection

We provide professional advice on intellectual property rights, personal data protection and competition law.

Within this area we:

  • manage and analyse the portfolio of IP rights (copyrights, trademarks, patents, utility designs),
  • support in transactions of purchase, sale, transfer of copyright (including contract drafting),
  • prepare and negotiate licence agreements, in particular highly specialised software agreements,
  • register trademarks and designs with the Patent Office,
  • compile full documentation and implement procedures related to personal data protection, in particular considering the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):
    • identify the databases administered by our clients, the scope and purpose of their processing,
    • help to prepare the following documents: security policy, IT system management instructions, privacy policy,
    • draft agreements on entrusting data processing,
    • draft templates of consents to personal data processing,
  • represent clients in front of President of the Personal Data Protection Office, including assistance during audits,
  • advise capital groups how to design binding corporate regulations to process data lawfully,
  • offer full services to e-commerce activities in terms of documentation required by law.

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