The Criminal Law

The Criminal Law Department of our Law Firm provides comprehensive support for individual clients, entrepreneurs, legal entities, including corporations, and members of management boards and supervisory boards of companies in criminal proceedings involving them, in particular proceedings in cases concerning economic crimes.

The Firm has long-term experience in handling white-collar crime cases. These are crimes that are usually committed by persons of high economic and social status, who often have specialist training in law, economics or management. We provide advice, respond to crisis situations and take action aimed at reducing the risk of economic crime in cases involving:

  • managerial bribery crimes,
  • criminal liability of members of corporate bodies,
  • acts committed by employees or groups of employees in connection with their positions, without the knowledge and consent of the employer,
  • crimes against creditors,
  • money laundering crimes,
  • abuse of trust and conflict of interest crimes.

Within the Criminal Law department we implement the following services:

  • represents individual Clients in pre-trial proceedings and court cases, both as defence counsels for the accused and as attorneys for the injured parties,
  • represents commercial law companies as victimised entities,
  • performs comprehensive criminal law analyses of economic relations established by our Clients,
  • prepares the necessary pleadings at each stage of criminal proceedings,
  • ensures full readiness to take the necessary actions, especially in crisis situations (searches, interrogations, presenting charges and other investigative activities),
  • supports the Clients by taking effective action at every stage of proceedings before law enforcement authorities and courts of all instances.

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