The Criminal Law

Comprehensive support of individual clients, entrepreneurs and members of management boards of commercial law companies in criminal proceedings conducted with their participation.

Within the Criminal Law department we implement the following services:

  • representation of individual clients in preparatory proceedings and court cases, both as defenders of the accused and representatives of the aggrieved parties,
  • representation of commercial companies as entities aggrieved by crime,
  • comprehensive criminal law analysis of business relationships established by clients,
  • preparation of the necessary pleadings and other court papers at every stage of criminal proceedings.

Office of Legal Counsels Poznań

Office address: ul. 28 czerwca 1956 No. 406,
61-441, Poznań 
Tel.: +48616734520

Office of Legal Counsels Warsaw

Office address: ul. Złota 59,
00-120, Warszawa 
Tel.: +48224895260