Civil law and civil procedure

We offer legal support in mediation and representation in court disputes.

The Head of this Department:

Radca prawny Lidia Murkowska

Lidia Murkowska

Within this Department we:

  • help clients to find the most beneficial solutions when a dispute is resolved amicably – legal assistance in reaching settlements,
  • analyse the chances of success of claims in court actions,
  • offer legal advice and prepare legal opinions,
  • represent clients before common courts,
  • draw up claims, applications, appeals, complaints and other court papers,
  • represent clients in pre-claim and enforcement proceedings,
  • participate in mediations,
  • draw up, negotiate and prepare legal opinions of contracts,
  • offer ongoing legal services to entrepreneurs when solving current problems related to conducting business activities,
  • offer legal assistance to individual clients.

Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Poznań

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61-441, Poznań 
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Kancelaria Radców Prawnych Warszawa

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